Hospice Care

Compassionate, End-of-Life Care

NCCP, provides compassionate relief and peace of mind to individuals with an advanced or life-limiting illness, with the goal of providing the best quality of life for patients and their families.

Every individual deserves choice, respect, and compassion in his or her care. Our nurses understand the weight of their responsibility and are committed to providing comfort and preserving dignity during the last months, weeks, and days of life.

End-of-life care often involves several layers of support. A private nurse can provide supplemental care alongside a hospice organization. No matter what you feel your needs are, we are committed to a peaceful transition.

Hospice care services include:

  • Around-the-clock medication administration
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Oxygen administration and breathing treatments
  • Suctioning
  • Wound care
  • Diaper and bedding changes
  • Bathing and feeding
  • Emotional support to client and family
  • Other services that may improve overall comfort of client

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